Whether you’re on your own or with family and friends, and whether you’re after calm and relaxation, fun or something a little more educational, the Voies d’Eau sites have got a wide range of “magical” packages for you! 
If you want to celebrate the first rays of summer or the chill winds of Halloween, sit tight: the Voies d’Eau du Hainaut has crafted a few special boat trips to mark the occasion.

And if what you’re after is an unforgettable adventure with your friends for a birthday or special occasion, then we can offer that too!

Information and reservations: +32 78 05 90 59

May this new year see the fulfillment of your dreams and success in your projects!

Friday, 22 December, 2017 - 10:00


Wallonie Week-ends Bienvenue 2017 | Rendez-vous à La Louvière


End of the tourist season

See you from 01 April 2018 at Canal du Centre for an electric boat ride or in Ronquières for a visit to the sloping lock. Book already your group... read more

Activities and discoveries

Hire electric boats

Visit of the funicular boatlift of Strépy-Thieu

"Adventure" activities at the Leisure Center of Claire-Fontaine