Whether you’re on your own or with family and friends, and whether you’re after calm and relaxation, fun or something a little more educational, the Voies d’Eau sites have got a wide range of “magical” packages for you! 
If you want to celebrate the first rays of summer or the chill winds of Halloween, sit tight: the Voies d’Eau du Hainaut has crafted a few special boat trips to mark the occasion.

And if what you’re after is an unforgettable adventure with your friends for a birthday or special occasion, then we can offer that too!

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Wallonie Week-ends Bienvenue 2017 | Rendez-vous à La Louvière


Our tourist activities begin again on Saturday 01 April!

Our tourist activities begin again on Saturday 01 April!The boat lifts open their doors to navigation and relaxation! Take the departure from the... read more

Activities and discoveries

"Adventure" activities at the Leisure Center of Claire-Fontaine

Cruise on the Historic Canal du Centre

Crossing of the Strépy-Thieu funicular lift